13 Must Know Facts About App Store Optimisation for iOS

App store optimisation for ios paves way for unique possibilities to connect your way with users through various strategies and tools. 

Here are some of the 13 must-know facts about App Store Optimisation for iOS

1. Apple’s app store has a new section called Today, the feature section earlier is renamed as Today. Here you will find some of the featured apps in different categories (app and game of the day)

2. The top charts section shows the top paid apps and top free apps. Remember it’s a good hook-in.

3. Below the search bar, there are trending app (recommended apps / most searched)

4.In the search results page, 

  • Now your app can have 3 screenshots than 2 in the earlier. gives users the best experience about the unique feature of your app in the search result features itself.
  • Autoplay or video preview feature in the search results

5. On the app page on the Apple App Store, the first things get noticed are app icon, app name, user rating, app ranking, screenshot, and video preview in it. (go for A/B testing to find out best)


6. 30 characters each for App name and App subtitle (including the space between words).

For Keyword field – 100 characters (use only aso keywords to here)


In App-name and the app-subtitle make sure it is crafted upon the most searched and high traffic keywords which will help for App Store Optimisation for iOS for more visibility and ranking.

        Eg – App Name – Google Map – Transit & Food: 

              Subtitle – GPS, city navigation, and traffic.

7. You can have up to 3 video previews on the app page. (give the user experience about you for why to download it)

8. Once users scroll down these visual aspects, users go through some of the ratings, reviews which have been given recently. (influencing factors for downloading your app)

9. Promo description and the lengthy description. 

Promo description is what appears below the screenshots about the app (not in the expanded form).

In the promo description, you have less than 170 characters visible. Make the best use of it to reflect catchy and good features that trigger users to download the app.

App Description – 4000 characters (a detailed summary about the app)

10. Below the description, it’s about the developer and once we click on it, we can see all the apps uploaded by the specific developer. Make sure not only the new app but also your old app is performing well in the Apple app store and they are pretty much well connected and known to the users.

11. The app page on the app store is where the visual context proves to be more worth than the words filled. Make sure you have the best graphics and visual experience that reflect some of the most unique features and video previews which gives enough reason for the users to download the app.

12. Localization – converting your app page to the relevant language for the specific democracy. Eg, Chinese in China, french in France. It also means searching for keywords in that specific language.

To tap into a wider audience you have to connect with them in the best possible way and localization is one of the tools. Eg-Chinese in china. (100M+ iPhone user)

13. iOS 13 has also brought dark mode to the app store. so make sure your app page is designed for the best user experience in both the light and dark modes.

Remember it takes less than 15 seconds for the users to decide to download or not. Test how fast your app can drive users to download your app.