Android & ASO

A rise in smartphones has led to a competition between apps and thus, ASO has become the need of the hour. With hundreds of apps dominating all categories, there has never been such a tough competition for an app to rank high and get downloaded. The problem with having too many apps in a single category is that confused users almost always end up choosing the app at the top to download and use. 

Android factors for ASO :


Google Play offers a short description of 80 characters and the long description consists of proper keywords for better search results. Android offers a big space for graphics on the app’s page and it should be used properly as visuals help users understand what the app is about and makes it more attractive. The app title, icon, downloads, ratings, and reviews, etc also need to be taken care of. The app’s gallery can hold 8 screenshots in the android version. Also, a video link can be added to help users make the decision. One of the few ASO factors Google play that needs to be kept in mind while the optimization process of the app takes place is on-metadata that is allowed to be edited on the google play console and is visible to the public as well. The title of the app is important and needs to be full of relevant keywords.

ASO factors Google play can make all the difference for the android app. These ASO factors Google play can help make sure that the title of the app, the icon, developer name, long description, the rating and number of downloads, video preview and screenshots, etc are properly visible on the page for a viewer to see.

Ratings have the power to turn any potential user into a full time one and help them decide to go for downloading the app. Higher engagement on the app gives better chances to the app’s rank. An android app that has been optimized by experts has a successful ASO. Because ASO experts have a lot of experience, they can create a mind-blowing ASO strategy that will help your app rank high. ASO has become a necessity for apps who want to perform well and get better user traffic. A lot of apps end up with nothing because they get buried with other apps. Hence, ASO factors Google Play need to be kept in mind. 

Conclusion :

Everyone knows that App Store optimization plays an important role in making an app visible, which helps in converting potential users to full-time ones. It is important to choose experts who will not only help an app get a higher ranking but also make sure that it stays there. The best way to make sure that the agency you have decided to go with is genuine is to take a look at the apps they have worked for in the past and observe their ranking. If the apps have a decent rank then it means that the experts are experienced enough and know what they are doing. 

Too many factors to keep in mind? Just choose the best experts to do the job.