App Store Optimisation

The App store optimisation : What, Why & How ?

In the digitalized 21st century, there is an app for everything. They are the one that makes mobile – the smartphone and app store optimization is the spotlight for these apps to stand out and stand strong.

For an app developer to convert an idea into a concept and a concept to an app takes a lot of effort and research. Before any app sets its foot on app store platforms there is a lot of work in bringing all the factors into one place to make it more feasible and efficient for its users.

Here’s the important thing – there are more than 2.5 million apps in the play store itself and nearly 1.8 million apps in Apple’s app store, now how do you plan to reach your target audience in such apps flooded market.

What is App Store optimisation ?

ASO is an astute penetrating process to improve apps visibility in the different apps platforms.

Most of the time expectation doesn’t handshakes with results. And this is where ASO comes into the picture. The ultimate objective of any app is to achieve more reach, more downloads, and more revenue.

Why is it important?

Many app developers spend thousands or millions on developing an app and yet fail to place it well on the app store, which leads to unhand it despite having unique user experience and interesting features.

So how exactly does App store Optimisation help you to achieve this objective?

  • How SEO helps websites to rank better in search engine results in the same way ASO helps your app to rank better in the app stores search results
  • ASO focuses more on visibility and conversion rate resulting (downloads)
  • ASO strategies app’s way of presentation in the app store to enhance it’s See-through, click through, go through and use through.
  • ASO focuses on the app’s in detail presentation features like apps title, icon, keyword, category, rating, installs volume, screenshot, video, short description, long description, and then what’s a new section.
  • ASO acts as a self-help guide that optimizes factors to influence the store ranking algorithm which might be on-metadata or off-metadata.
  • ASO spined with properly targeted keywords in the niche has more chances than the other apps that are in the same category to rank better or to make the app more visible in the app stores search results.
  • Everything is based on app store search results. The top 5 gets the attention of the users and the top 10 has still got the chance were In the top 20 is slightly fading off. If your app is on the top 5 you have the best chances to meet your expectation and to achieve your results.
  • ASO acts as an analytical feedback system to improve apps features based on our visibility and click through rates.


As per research data, 69% of the apps downloaded were from direct app search, that meant people directly searched the keyword/app which they needed. 

So the key here is to give the best user experience and the features which the users are in search of in the specific category which leads you to have high install volume.

You have an app with interesting features and unique user experience, how do you make it to the top, this is what ASO is talented in. You do your work, they get your job done.