ASO for Android – 1 vs 3 million apps

App Store optimization has been one of the most discussed topics amongst app developers due to the increase in smartphones and the number of apps.

Understanding ASO factors for Android acts as a strategy to increase visibility, traffic, and downloads for your app in the Google Play Store.

Let’s understand various factors that are to be optimized in Google Play Store –

ASO has two factors on-page and off-page factors:

  • In your app Page, the first thing that gets noticed is the feature graphic or the video.

Small video preview about your app is an added advantage to get more conversion

  • App title or the app name 

The keyword-optimized app name has better chances to rank higher in visibility or search results. Keep your app name very relevant to the category and keyword

  • The developer name

Some of the developers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon have set their authority in some of the categories. So make sure your developer name reflects some authority in your niche

  • The app icon 

The first thing that the user notices in the search result is your app icon. It creates the best impression for the user. Make sure your app icon is professionally designed and crafted.

Now comes the off metadata aso factors for android such as 

  • Install volume and average ratings.

Install volume determines how well your app can connect with the audience and the best user experience provided is reflected by ratings

  • Category

placing your app in the right category has many advantages, if you have not placed your app in the right category you cannot reach the right audience or cannot tranquil in the search results. 

  • The short description

Short description space must be used for conveying about the objectives of your app, why it is designed, for what purpose, and how it changes the user experience in a specific category or niche.

Make sure you summarise about your app in a beautiful manner which connects with the users easily and triggers to take action or install the app

  • The last is the screenshots

Have three or four screenshots that reflect the app’s unique features. Using this screenshot you can give them the user experience without being downloading it.

You can even add a small video preview about the outstanding feature of the app which helps the user exactly know how the application is and why it is very much useful.

Apart from this, there are few other aso factors for android which are to be considered,

  • Localization

Localization means translating your app page into the local languages.

Google Play Store is not only used by English audiences but by people speaking varied and different languages. so make sure you are converting app page for specific demography in their local language to reach a wider audience

  • Create more Traffic

Write blogs about your app.

Get to know the keywords which people are using while searching for a specific app and write blogs related to the category and embed your app’s link to the blog and create more traffic through various other sources.



Off-metadata and on-metadata factors as discussed above play a major role in app performance on app stores.

Until and unless you don’t have a strategy to rank your app higher in the visibility or the search results, your app being noticed amongst the three million apps in Google Play Store becomes a very challenging task.

So make sure not only design the best app but also have the best strategy to make your app stand out in the crowded competition in the Google app store platform and achieve maximum downloads.