ASO For Games

Games occupy the major share in the number of apps on the app store platforms. Smartphones are being designed exclusively for various games with high end visual and graphics.

Statistics based on the share of available apps tells us that,

  • Amongst 2.2 million+ apps on the apple app store, The most popular category in the is games – 22.15% share.
  • Amongst 3 million+ apps on google play store, the most popular categories are also games with a 13.56% share.


Some of the games like asphalt, candy crush, CS, Subway surfers, hill climb racing have occupied a major share in their niche. To tap into any subcategory of games is very challenging as there are many competitors.

Explicitly when it’s a game, it’s super essential to optimize your app page in a more attractive, catchy, and professional manner. Remember games mean visuals.

  • Researching and finding out the right relevant keyword, 
  • Crafting the attractive app icon, 
  • Importantly unique and mesmerizing video preview and 
  • Adding up to 5 to 8 screenshots with an eye-catching visual experience of the game. 

By using app-icon, screenshots, and video preview you can give the users the real game experience without even downloading the app.

In the Play Store for some of the games you even have a tryout feature without installing the app and that’s a superadded advantage.

Your app must be more appealing in terms of visual details than the other competitors in your niche. You have to know how your competitors’ app is built, designed, and also study their marketing strategy.

Unless you rank higher in terms of visual and user experience in comparison to your competitor, you are far away from standing out.

  • First, think of having the best app-title optimized with the right keywords. Make sure when users are searching for a specific keyword that you have added in your app, you have to rank higher and be more visible in top search results.
  • In the first stance, if the app-title and the app-icon create a good impression in the user’s mind, they click on the app and view the app page and that is where you give them enough reasons to download your game.
  • The app page is like the kingdom for your app. The visual assets you have on the app page must be intriguing and must set standards to beat benchmarks set by the competitors.
  • On the app page, your games screenshots and video preview is the one the user is looking out for to know more about the game. Go for A/B testing and find out the best screenshots and video preview which is bringing you the most conversion.
  • The next best thing is ratings and reviews, especially when your game has a large file size, people will look out for ratings and reviews. Remember, reviews can be edited, reply to all the reviews, help them with your updates, and make sure you get the best rating and reviews from them.

If your game has amazing visual and user experience with a multiplayer option, users will definitely recommend your app and this paves for more organic downloads.


Games are dominated by eye-catching visual experiences. When you have invested time, effort, and money on your idea to build the best app, partner with app optimization services to market your app in multiple app Store platforms to stand strong against the leading market players on the app store in your niche.

Let us know which is your app/game and what’s your marketing strategy CRO.