Everything you need to know about ASO for Android App

ASO for the android App, let’s dive in to know more.

Did you once use an Android device, the answer could be Yes, isn’t it?

The majority of the smartphone market share is occupied by Android devices; they dominate the competition.

Almost every Android smartphone company is coming up with its OS. 

Eg – Oxygen OS by OnePlus, Miui by Xiaomi, Color os by Realme and others, 

It’s opening up a huge potential market for new apps to tap into their app store and create unique UI experience and user experience through their different apps. 

Why especially Android and the Android app store?

Android devices are available at low cost and are used by a huge chunk of people all over the world. More android users pave the way for developing more android apps for different purposes.

Do you have a competition on the Android platform?

Yes, tapping into Google Play Store itself is a challenging task, because you are here amongst 3 million apps where everyone wants to be the best and only a few make it.

Anyways to outsmart the competition.

The solution is ASO for the android app.

What is ASO?

App Store optimization (aso) is a strategy and tool to optimise your apps for on-metadata and off-metadata factors on the app store for higher visibility, ranking, and more downloads.

What are on-metadata and off-metadata and what’s it used for?

ASO for android app align to 2 factors

  1. On-metadata factors include optimising app-name, app-icon, short and long descriptions, screenshots and video preview.
  2. Off-metadata factors involve downloads, uninstalls, ratings, and reviews.

Both factors combine to hack into app Store algorithms for ranking and recommending your app to the users for a specific keyword search.

How to optimise Android apps using also :

  • Creating app titles or app names based on ASO researched keywords that have high search volume and high traffic.
  • A/B testing for selecting the different best app variables which perform better on the app Page in the App Store.
  • Using appropriate keywords in the app subtitle and app description the app store algorithm recognizes and displays your app in search results.
  • Optimising Visual experience on the app page such as screenshots and the video preview.
  • Localizing the app page features for specific demography.

Is an ASO for the Android app a one-time process?

No, it is a continuous process. It involves continuous analyzing and redesigning to outsmart the competition for high-ranking and more conversion amidst new apps flooding in the app store in the same category.

Does it need to hire an ASO expert or agency?

Yes, only the experts understand the App Store algorithm to a different level that they match their strategies and testing tools to play smart and outsmart so that your app meets the objectives.

Only an expert can get things done professionally so that you’re not only performing well in the short-run but on the long-term too.

So when do we conduct ASO for Android app

It happens at 2 phase –

Phase 1 is pre-launch, where we focus on A/B testing for testing various app’s factors performance on the app store.

Phase 2 where we focus on post-launch that is descriptions, screenshots, video-previews, what’s new section, keyword space, reviews, ratings install so on.

Conclusion – 

Not only the new apps but some of the big companies’ apps like Facebook, Instagram, share chat, Lyft even use App Store Optimization for continuous improvements and boost their app’s performance in the app store because they know that AppStore is being tossed with competition every day and they need to set their authority and perform best.

What’s your decision now?