How To Increase App Store Optimization – Best Ways To Go and Grow Global.

How to increase App Store Optimization has been a wide talk due to an increase in smartphone users and new apps flooding into the app store platforms. Still, there’s a huge space for good and productive apps in multiple app store platforms.

Let’s study the facts,

Country Smartphone users
China 850M+
India 500M+
USA 260M+
Brazil 96m+
Russia 95m+
Japan 72m+
Mexico 65m+
France 50m+

You might be thinking there are 50 million+ smartphone users and just 3 million apps, why can’t new apps just place or rank better? 

It’s simple, there are few apps which are performing best and have occupied major market share in a specific category or niche.


  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in the messaging category 
  • Tinder in dating 
  • YouTube and Netflix in video streaming
  • Spotify, prime music in the music player
  • VLC, KMPlayer, MX player in video players
  • Amazon in e-commerce
  • Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google duo in video calling
  • Chrome, Firefox, and browsing in Browsers
  • Google drive, drop box, one drive in cloud storage, And such.

Definitely, App Store Optimization services, strategies, and tools are needed to boost app performance and outsmart the competition in the app store platform.

When we are focusing on ranking in the top search results for a specific keyword, your competition is not just with the new apps but the apps which have set authority, performing best in the App Store for a long time and have a huge user base.

How to increase App Store Optimization – Is there any strategy for an app to go and grow in the global app market?

Yes, and that strategy is Localization

Amidst all on-metadata and off-metadata of factors on the app page, localization is considered last but if you think from the results point of view, localization is what we need to focus on to connect with unique distinctive diverse users.


Localization means translating your app into different languages.

Do you think these numbers might decrease over the years, definitely not? 

They are increasing every year.

What do the facts Convey? 

Not everybody speaks English, There are places where the local language dominates English and these smartphone users prefer the local language. 

For example, China has more than 850 million + smartphone users where the majority doesn’t speak English. This paves way for apps to localize in the Chinese language so that they tap into a wider audience.

India has more than 500 million + smartphone users, where each state of India has its own language.

To reach an international audience we need to localize and that is the best way to connect with users.

How do we start with this?

Let’s go for A/B testing

  • Translate your app title, subtitle(apple app store), and short description into the languages that you want to test out.
  • Localize screenshots and video preview content
  • Research and find out the keywords in the language that you are testing as it becomes easy to rank in the search results.

What is the benefit of localization

  • Connect with more number of users
  • A smart way for more conversion (downloads)
  • Best competitive strategy
  • Better ROI


When it comes to How to increase App Store Optimization, localization along with various tools like finding the relevant keywords in your niche, optimizing app title, and description using keywords. Optimizing visual aspects i.e app icon, screenshot, and video previews are some of the factors to be considered. 

Remember, at the end of the day the ultimate goal is to rank higher in search results, reach a wider audience and achieve more downloads

Now, what’s your decision about optimizing and localizing?