How To Make An App Reach 100 Million Users.



ASO companies in India have huge potential because India being digitalized in most of its sectors has a large customer base (more than 1.3 billion population)


  • Internet users in India have reached more than 627 million as per reports
  • Population with access to smartphones has reached more than 500 million in India.

As per the data from,

  • There are more than 25000 Indian app publishers on Google Play Store
  • Over 3% of all app publishers on Google Play are from India
  • 7% of apps of Indian publishers are available on both Google Play and App Store
  • While efforts laid are less in publishing on both the app stores

More than 30+ smartphone brands are selling their smartphones in India.

Gaming apps concentrating 13% share of all apps uploaded and downloaded are seeing progressive growth over the years.

As users base for all kinds of apps has been increasing let us consider the education category for now,

Byju’s, Vedantu, Unacademy, Meritnation, Khan academy, Upgrad, and so on. 

These are the market leaders and occupy major share, yet there are still 100+ apps in the same category which aren’t able to place themselves well in the search results or get more conversion rates despite having very good content and qualitative information.

This is where ASO companies in India comes into the picture

Why do only a few perform better and many fade away?

The reason is, in the middle of 2.5 million apps if you are not optimizing your app in the category to perform better you lose a chance to stand strong.

It would because either the App store optimization (ASO) has not been planned or strategically not done well.

ASO companies in India will be having huge demand in upcoming days because of digitizing education, learning, and continually upgrading technology.

Why are ASO companies important?

  • To improve the visibility of the app in the app store both in the Google Play and the Apple app store
  • To place and rank your app in the top search results so that the viewers click and go through your app
  • To set your app for Conversion Rate Optimization (more downloads)
  • To make your app reach targeted wider audience
  • To Stand out in the complex app market competition
  • To generate revenue in the minimal possible cost

How do they do it?

They optimize your :

  • App title by drafting it based on the niche and most searched keyword
  • App logo which creates the first impression
  • App page in the app store (screenshots and video descriptions)
  • Structuring the descriptions with keywords and tags to rank it when the search results

Impact on the current scenario or present world-

You have an app for almost everything you do, from waking up in the morning or turning on night mode on your smartphone during late night surfing.

For messaging, for changing your phone user experience, for money tracking, for payments, for creating or breaking a habit, to learn and share knowledge, to connect with someone/something you have an app. It’s like apps have understood you better.

When you have researched, designed, and built an app in a category with utmost time, money and effort yet you are not able to see favorable conversion rate (downloads) all the efforts put in fade away soon. We should get this job done by experts i.e. ASO companies.

So now it’s your turn to decide How ASO can gear up your app and achieve desired results?