How To Rank Higher Using App Store Optimisation Keywords?

App store optimisation Keywords are the key to unlock unique possibilities on the App Store Platform.

Finding the relevant and the right keyword for your app and placing it in the right place on the app store will optimise your app for the search results ranking or the keyword ranking.

The first step to achieve is higher visibility of the app in the keyword search result. If you are not, then it’s difficult for conversion.

How do I know which keywords are to be used for my app?


  • Select your category


  1. Determine where you want to be in the app store.
  2. Place your app in the specific category or niche which you are targeting.
  3. You cannot rank for all the keywords but you can drive only for specific targeted keywords in a niche.

By selecting the category, now you are tapping into the right audience which will bring you conversion.


  • Keyword research


Once channeled for a specific category now it’s time to find the App Store Optimisation keywords which have high traffic, more search volume, and less competition.

Remember there are already established apps in the app store which are there for a long time and have occupied a major share in the category. So now we have to find a unique strategy to skyrocket through competition. 

To surpass this, we have to find the specific keywords which have low competition but have a high search volume.

In the Google Play Store, you have to repeat your keywords at least three times for the Google app store algorithm to recognize for which keywords you would have to be ranked.

Wherein in the Apple app store, you have to just put the Keyword once and it understands for which keyword you have to be ranked. 

In the Apple app store, an added advantage is that you have a separate keyboard space that allows up to 100 keywords.

Wherein in the Google app store, you don’t have a separate space for keywords yet you can optimise your app title, a short description, and long description by adding some of the App Store Optimisation Keywords.

Why do most of the apps fail to rank in top search results?

Despite having unique app design and user experience most of the apps fail to make it to search results because of using unpopular and irrelevant keywords on the app store.

There are more than 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2 million apps in the Apple app store. To rank in the search result amidst competition, you have to be very particular and precise in opting and adding keywords on the app page in the app store.

When you are adding unpopular keywords, the search volume is very low and you fade away from the search results.

When you add Irrelevant keywords, the app store algorithm cannot find out for which keyword you have to be ranked and in some cases even though you are visible you are not in the right place for what users are searching for.

Opt for A/B testing to find out the best keyword suited for your app title, app subtitle, for a short description and long description.


To sum up,

  • Select the category or the niche for which you want to be ranked in the search results.
  • Research keywords that have high search volume, high traffic, and low competition.
  • Know the consequences of irrelevant and unpopular keywords.
  • Go for A/B testing to know the real-time impact and results of the keywords which you are using.