Play Store ASO

ASO has become the need of the hour as there has been a rise in smartphone consumption which has led to a competition between apps. With hundreds of apps in each category, they have never had such a tough time in terms of getting downloaded. The main problem with having hundreds of apps for one category is that confused users end up choosing the top app to download. ASO helps in making an app more visible to users which can help in converting potential ones into full-time users. It is very important to make sure that you choose experts who will not only help your app get a better ranking but also make sure that the ranking is more or less permanent. The best way to find out whether the agency you have chosen is genuine or not is to simply take a look at the apps they have worked for and observe their success rate. If those apps are stable and have a decent rank, it means that the experts are genuinely good. 

ASO for Android – Google Play Store 

App Store Optimisation Android is very different from ASO for iOS. With android, you can make sure that the title of the app, developer name, the icon, the rating, number of downloads, user age, video preview and screenshots, long description, etc are visible on the page. 

A few factors of App Store Optimisation android that need to be kept in mind while optimizing the app can be the on-metadata factors that can be edited on the google play console and are visible to the public. The title of the app is one of the most important factors of App Store Optimisation android and needs to be full of relevant keywords. 

Android offers a short description of 80 characters and has a long description which contains proper keywords for better search results. Android has a big space for graphics on the app’s page. It can be used smartly as going through the visuals will help users understand what the app is about. Other usual things that need to be taken care of are the app title, icon, downloads, ratings, and reviews, etc. The photo gallery for the app’s screenshots can hold 8 images. An external video link and be added to help users make their minds up.



There are a lot of other factors that create an impact on ASO, mainly, number of downloads, download speed, even ratings. These ratings have the power to turn potential users into downloading the app. Ultimately, the more engagement on the app, the better chances it has of ranking higher. So make sure that your android app has been optimized fully by the best experts. These experts have a lot of experience which helps them in creating a sound ASO strategy that can ultimately help your app rank high. ASO is a necessity now for the betterment of apps. The competition is such that a lot of good apps end up getting buried with other apps in the search results. With a proper ASO agency, your app can shine like no other. 

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