The Keyword Strategy of App Store Optimization Services

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store work in different ways and to tap into its algorithm we need a distinctive strategy. 

The on-metadata factors on 

  • Google Play Store consists of app-title, app-icon, screenshots, video preview, short and long description.
  • Apple’s app store has two additional things in on-metadata, that is app subtitle and keyword space apart from the app -title, description, screenshots & video preview.

All the visual assets on the app page such as app-icon, screenshots, and video preview will help for conversion optimization but the keyword aspects such as app-title, subtitle, short and long description help you to rank in the keyword search results.

Adding relevant keywords

Unless we rank well in keyboard search results there is no possibility for higher visibility for the app. Unless we have high visibility there is no chance for downloads and when there are no downloads there is no revenue.

Ranking = Visibility = Downloads = Revenue.

App store optimization services start from finding the relevant keywords for your app-title, subtitle, and description so that the app store algorithm identifies for which keyword you have to be found and ranked.

In Google Play Store you have 

  • 50 characters limit for app title, 
  • 50 characters limit for developer name
  • 80 characters limit for a short description
  • 4000 character limit for long description (use the keyword up to five times within the long description)
  • 500 characters limit for what’s a new section

In Apple app store you have

  • 30 characters limit for the app title
  • 30 characters limit for the subtitle of your app
  • Up to 170 characters long for app’s promotional text
  • Keyboard field with a limit to 100 characters total

if you want to rank higher in search results you have to research for app Store optimised keywords.

What kind of keywords are to be added?

Relevant keywords have more traffic or high search volume and less competition.

  • A keyboard which is relevant to the category streamlines your app for a specific search
  • Keywords with high traffic for high search volume helps your rank higher
  • If you opt for a high competitive keyword you will be in a crowded market 
  • In the meantime, if you are opting for high traffic low competition keywords there is more possibility to rank higher in the search result.
  • remember the ultimate goal is to aim for high visibility, following high competitive keywords is a risky move.

What impacts negatively?

Adding irrelevant, unpopular, low traffic, or low search volume keywords.

  • Adding relevant keywords ranks to nowhere 
  • adding unpopular keywords distance your visibility and 
  • adding low traffic or low search volume keywords makes it challenging for conversion.

There are various tools and websites which provide assistance and finding the right keyword for your app.

What’s the best thing to do would be partnering with App Store Optimization Services which not only helps you in finding the best keywords but also in optimising on-metadata factors to boost your app performance on the app store.

Even for localization, finding the right keywords in the language you have chosen is a crucial factor to rank in keyword search results in that specified language.


Keywords are the key to unlock new possibilities and to unleash the potential of your app. If used properly, channelized in the right way your app can even outperform competition and outsmart app Store algorithms.

To make things easy, the best thing is to hire an app store marketing agency to get the best result without banging heads around all the corners.