The Need for an App Marketing Company

Companies like Samsung, Google, Instagram, eBay use app marketing company efforts to boost their app’s performance for more retention, new downloads, conversion, and revenue.

ASO has been a widely discussed topic not just because of increasing in apps but to make sure your other apps on the app store perform well despite the competition.

If you are still thinking, do even big companies like Google and Instagram need app marketing company tools and strategy?

The answer is yes, because, even in Google play store it’s not that all the google apps are ranked first, and In Apple’s App Store it’s not that all Apple’s apps are ranked first. App with more relevant keywords, most downloads, best reviews, and rating and importantly best-used experience grabs the more new users.

Hiring or partnering with an app marketing company at the earliest stage of app development helps you to build a better app testing and marketing strategy to outperform Newbie and set authority amongst the present app in the multiple app store platform.

Because in the earlier stage we can do A/B testing

No doubt that the number one priority for app Store optimization is higher visibility and also for conversion rate optimisation.

A/B testing which is also called split-testing is a process of testing two different versions of an app variable to see which performs better and grabs more users towards the app.

There are some of the leading app testing platforms which help to run pre-launch experiments so that you even better understand user behavior patterns, app design performance, and finally to set your app firm on the app store before the new app release.

A/B testing includes testing different versions of app icons, screenshots, video preview, short and long app descriptions, subtitles, and various app page elements on the app store.

Most of the time by just changing screenshots and video previews, or app icons and adding the right keywords in the right place in the description space makes a lot of difference for the app’s invisibility and conversion.

Another important factor to be considered is keywords

Let me make this clear what people search is not a search term, it’s the keyword what people are searching and that is the clue for us to draft app titles and add those keywords in the description column.

When a user types a certain keyword the app store algorithm searches and scans those keywords on your page and then places your app accordingly in the search results.

How SEO is for websites, the same is ASO for apps. 

Finding the right relevant keyword for your app title, subtitle and description is the key for ranking your app higher in the keyword search results. 

If you are not ranking in the keyword search results you are losing the audience or the users in the first type itself.

App Store optimization is a continuous process. App marketing can be also called as growth marketing; it doesn’t stop at one stance; it evolves each step you take forward. It doesn’t stop only on the on-metadata but it focuses on off-metadata factors too.

Conclusion –

A/B testing, keywords, and optimising various other factors on on-metadata(app title, icon, description, screenshots, and video preview) and off-metadata(installs, rating, and reviews) requires the expertise of app Store optimisation and marketing company.

 It demands Intense research strategy work, selecting the best professional to handle your app in a professional way to get the best results.