The superman for app store optimisation

ASO companies help their clients in landing the company’s app in the app store in a way to improve their visibility in the search results and it’s conversion rate.

Where’s their focus –

Their focus is mainly on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store when it comes to mobile platforms.


Their Workstream –

ASO companies work on optimizing app visibility through optimizing its various factors like app title, subtitle, keywords, app icon, app description, screenshot and video description, and app page.

And when it comes to off-page the focus is on reviews and ratings backlinks and number of downloads.


What’s the ultimate goal –

The ultimate goal of ASO companies is to maximize the number of downloads that are app conversion rate optimization.




Why do we need expertise work of an ASO company

  • More visibility – There are more than 2 million apps in the Google Play Store itself and each category or niche has more than 100+ apps. Compared to Apple’s app store, google play store has more apps, high downloads, and high competition too. 
  •  More downloads – You would have invested a lot of time, money, and put in efforts to design and build an app to make sure it is unique, user-friendly, and achieve maximum downloads.
  •  Ranking – if you fail to place your app well in any of the App Store, app ranking in the search result and its conversion rate loses its grip and fades out soon, if the app does not stand out it loses the chance.
  • App page – Most of the time people see reviews, they glance over for the top five search results and at times top 10 and their focus is on the number of downloads, ratings, and reviews for the app. 

Important things to notes on –

When The app’s visibility is in the top search results you are in the better position where viewers click through and go through your app page and that decides the app conversion rate.

If the app page fails to create a good expression then the user goes back and checks on other apps.

This is where Aso Companies work on the focus on optimizing app visibility and designing the app’s page in the app store.

In the App page, there are numerous factors to be considered –

  • App title – it should be based on targeted and most searched keywords as more than 60% app downloads are based on users utilizing search to find new apps. 
  • App icon which should reflect the apps inside, never make it clumsy, keep it simple and professional.
  • In the description, you write about the objective of the app, why and how it is unique, efficient, and different from other related category apps. App description must include keyboard so it helps to categorize, recognize, and make app rank well.
  • Finally, the screenshot and video description which gives a glimpse of the apps about it’s UI, user experience, new feature and some advancements wherein helps users get a chance to look through, feel through and decide.
  • In Apple app stores you even have a chance to add specific keywords that help in improving apps visibility and ranking in the app store.


To conclude, remember that –

When you work from backward knowing what results to be achieved it helps you to design your thinking. ASO comes into picture which acts as a bridge between app developers and users helping developers to achieve the expected result by understanding their expertise, work, and matching it with the user’s search.