The Top 5 ASO Experts Advice

At least 5 new smartphones are released every week that paves way for a lot of apps out there. To keep your app ahead in the race and competition these are top 5 Aso Experts advice –


#1. ASO Title – 


The first thing is to make your app visible in the search results. How do we do it? So that is where the app title comes into play.

  • When people search for a certain keyword in the niche and if your app title is based on strategic research and most searched keywords then your app has more chances to rank well in the search results. 
  • When you rank well in the search result most probably in the top 5 you have better visibility and high conversion rate.


#2. App Icon –


  • The app icon is like a thumbnail in a YouTube video which leads to the first best impression.
  • Make your app icon visibly reflect the app features, its uniqueness, and the niche which you are focused on.
  • If it’s more catchy, attractive, and professional you could be their first choice in moving their thumb towards your App.


#3. Screenshot and Video –


  • Have at least 5 to 7 screenshots of the app and small video description on attractive UI, interesting features, and unique user experience of the app.

 Why does it matter? 

  • The Screenshots and small video descriptions give them strong reasons to download the app. It sets expectations and gives them a picture of how the app’s user experiences and features are unique from other apps and how it stands out from the rest.

These are the first things users/viewers see and ASO Experts focus on.


#4. Description –


  • There is space for short and long description in the app store (from 500 to 4000 characters)
  • In the short term description, you can add a summary and the main purpose of the app. 
  • In the long term description, you can add the what, why, and How of the app. what the app is for, why it is used, and how this app can be used for unique user experience in the specified niche. It has to be more actionable.

In both short & long descriptions, you must include relevant keywords (most searched & used) to improve apps ranking in app stores search and its algorithms.


#5. Category –

Wondering why the category came at the last?

  • If your app is listed in the proper category then there are fewer chances to drown in the crowded app store.
  • Once you specify the apps category you are set in a different path where your app is defined by another set of algorithms than before. 
  • Now it’s your app title, app icon, app description, app’s screenshot and video that help you stand out in the category and make it more visible to the users in the app store search results.


Conclusion –

Why these Aso Experts tip? 

You can check for yourself – 

Go to the app store which you are using,  just type a keyboard and see the top 5 results, the app title of the top 3 is very much similar to the keyboard and the app icon reflects the app inside out, they have screenshots and video description(few cases) and their short and long description has keywords included which are most searched and used in the relevant category.


Hope these 5 ASO Expert tips boost your app and make it an AppStore hero.