Top ASO Companies

Two practical strategies of top ASO companies:

Even for editing a photo, you have more than 100+ apps both in Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Top Aso Companies focus on app getting editor’s choice in a category and Be in the top 3 ranking which paves for more downloads. 

The Top 2 Strategies focused by Top ASO Companies – 

  1. Keywords
Why is this important?
  • When the title of the app is based on SEO or the specified keyword in the niche your app has chances to rank in the top ten of the search results.
  • Only if the app ranks well, it has more visibility and people will go through your app and might even download it.

Source – appradar

A. Keyword For Title

Brand – Keyword structure of Google

If you just type Google in the app store you will find all the results starting from app title name Google and then the keyword

For Example :

Brand – Keyword Purpose
Google files  For storage
Google Play For music
Google pay For payment app
Google map  For navigation
Google drive  For online storage 

Here they follow a certain structure called the brand – keyword. Not only them, but the same goes for Microsoft too.

Some apps follow Keyword- Brand structure

When you type certain keywords such as share or photo editor or document you will find a certain app starting with the keyword and then goes with the name of the developer.

E.g. Keyword – Racing

  • Apps
  • Hill Climb Racing – Fingersoft
  • Street racing – Ivy

It is also one of the prominent strategies to rank in the top search results if you are not an established developer.

B. Keyword For Description 

The short and long-term description must have core keywords describing your app:

In short-term description 

  • You can give the glimpse of your app (summary)
  • What is the main purpose of it and what are its unique features 
  • What makes it stand out of the other apps 

In the long-term description

  • You can use keywords to improve the ranking of the app in app store search algorithm 
  • So here you can write all the important features, interesting research facts about your app and so on.

2. The Visual Net

Top ASO Companies focus on the visual aspect, why?

  • The user not only sees the app title but they also the app icon 
  • Once they click on it, they also see the screenshot and the short video description about your app 

Remember these are very important to make the first visual experience about your app.

For Icon

It has to be attractive, memorable, and professional. It should be able to catch the viewer’s attention at one glance.

For screenshot and video description 

Make sure you add some of the unique and interesting features of the app that gives them enough reasons to download the app.

Bonus Tip –

  • Focus on strategies to get more ratings and reviews. More positive ratings and reviews help your app to rank higher in the search results.
  • And even this adds as a feedbacks for further improvements to make your app more user friendly

Remember Two strategy – “Keywords & Visual aspect


In the app store with more than 2.2 million+ apps it takes time to reap results even when top ASO companies work on it, so just give it a certain time and you get to see the best results which you are hoping for.